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blog-hopSo I was passed the Blog Hop baton by Lisa! Show Lisa some love by checking out her awesome blog!

From what I understand about this Blog Hop is that I will answer these questions from Lisa, and then pass the Baton on to two other lovely bloggers, and they will answer some questions.

Thank you, again, to Lisa for this awesome acknowledgement!

 **What am I working on/writing?

         Just this blog, really. I have worked on a few things with one of my mentors, who was my writing professor my freshman year of college. She is awesome, and has really encouraged me to put myself out there with my writing. She was the first person I opened up to, in writing, about my abuse and past. It was totally freeing to begin to express all those pent up frustrations, and she never once judged me.

 **Why do I write what I do?

          I just write what I know, or about what I want to know. I’m no expert…yet. I honestly believe I have an interesting and unique take on the world. I promise you I won’t fit any of your stereotypes. I may not be very public about everything, but that’s because I have learned the hard way that those who say they are your friends, are usually enemies waiting for the perfect time to strike.

 **How does my writing process work?

         I have a list where I put ideas for blog posts and writing assignments, and I keep a TON of journals to keep ideas in. I also just free-write sometimes. Sometimes, I just open up my blog and type up a couple drafts so that I have a reference point for when I run out of inspiration. I regularly go back to my idea list and attempt to expand on my ideas.

         I do have a few things that I doubt I will share, but still want to keep because they remind me of how far I have come, and how much farther I am going to go. Instead of doing self-destructive acts, I began to write letters. Letters that were never sent, just kept in a drawer out of sight of others. Sometimes the letters would be addressed to my mother, other times to my father, and other times to myself. It helped me get all my frustrations out, but in a positive way.

TAG! You’re it!

1. Zoe

2. Not Your Victim

I hope I didn’t confuse you guys too much with what this is, but I wasn’t really sure at first. Just go for it! I find both of your blogs extremely inspiring, and I doubt you will have any trouble answering these questions.

Much Love,

Autumn Ann