Mindful Mondays – 08/18/14

Mindful Mondays

My second week of my Chakra challenge has come to an end!

In learning to balance my Sacral Chakra, I honestly didn’t feel any differently. I loved the yoga, and sometimes went through them multiple times a day, but didn’t feel any differently. The meditation is still a challenge for me. I am a tad bit upset that this part of the challenge didn’t go as well as the first. On the bright side, my anxiety hasn’t been flaring up! However, I am still angry. It scares me how much anger I have. Just having people bring up memories that make me feel as if my experiences are being discounted, I get extremely angry. Since my anger has been bubbling at the surface in the past few weeks, I am hoping that balancing my Navel Chakra will help. Not only do I hope that my anger will subside, but that I will be able to face someone who I have not faced in over a year. I am supposed to go to court and testify against him, and I am absolutely terrified. I will need courage.

The Manipura Chakra, or Navel Chakra, is located in the stomach area. This Chakra affects the digestive system, and when it is unbalanced you can suffer physically in the form of digestive problems and eating disorders, as well as emotionally. The emotional issues that arise from a blocked Navel Chakra include anger, greed, and envy. This Chakra is believed to govern courage, self-esteem, and willpower. The symbol of this Chakra is a yellow lotus flower with ten petals and the element is fire.

In order to balance my Navel Chakra I will doing a few suggested poses from yoga.com. These include the Boat Pose, Warrior 2 Pose, and Sun Salutations. I will also add in Cat and Cow poses, and Plank Pose.

Rather than doing a simple mantra, I will be doing one a bit more personalized. Hopefully by having a more personalized mantra, I can enjoy meditation more. My mantra for this week is “I am strong. I am capable. I am driven. I am worthy. I will love and respect myself.”

Namaste Y’all,


P.S. Just as a reminder, I am by no means an expert. I am not a yoga instructor (although I do hope to become one in the near future), I just read a lot about yoga, meditation, and Hinduism. I am just going through this and sharing my journey.

Edited using "A Beautiful Mess" App

Edited using “A Beautiful Mess” App


Blog Hop!

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blog-hopSo I was passed the Blog Hop baton by Lisa! Show Lisa some love by checking out her awesome blog!

From what I understand about this Blog Hop is that I will answer these questions from Lisa, and then pass the Baton on to two other lovely bloggers, and they will answer some questions.

Thank you, again, to Lisa for this awesome acknowledgement!

 **What am I working on/writing?

         Just this blog, really. I have worked on a few things with one of my mentors, who was my writing professor my freshman year of college. She is awesome, and has really encouraged me to put myself out there with my writing. She was the first person I opened up to, in writing, about my abuse and past. It was totally freeing to begin to express all those pent up frustrations, and she never once judged me.

 **Why do I write what I do?

          I just write what I know, or about what I want to know. I’m no expert…yet. I honestly believe I have an interesting and unique take on the world. I promise you I won’t fit any of your stereotypes. I may not be very public about everything, but that’s because I have learned the hard way that those who say they are your friends, are usually enemies waiting for the perfect time to strike.

 **How does my writing process work?

         I have a list where I put ideas for blog posts and writing assignments, and I keep a TON of journals to keep ideas in. I also just free-write sometimes. Sometimes, I just open up my blog and type up a couple drafts so that I have a reference point for when I run out of inspiration. I regularly go back to my idea list and attempt to expand on my ideas.

         I do have a few things that I doubt I will share, but still want to keep because they remind me of how far I have come, and how much farther I am going to go. Instead of doing self-destructive acts, I began to write letters. Letters that were never sent, just kept in a drawer out of sight of others. Sometimes the letters would be addressed to my mother, other times to my father, and other times to myself. It helped me get all my frustrations out, but in a positive way.

TAG! You’re it!

1. Zoe

2. Not Your Victim

I hope I didn’t confuse you guys too much with what this is, but I wasn’t really sure at first. Just go for it! I find both of your blogs extremely inspiring, and I doubt you will have any trouble answering these questions.

Much Love,

Autumn Ann


Mindful Mondays- 07/28/14

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I had a difficult time today. I definitely struggled with being optimistic, mindful, and I don’t even think I had a moment of happiness. I missed my morning yoga routine along with my meditation due to some other circumstances, I didn’t eat a proper meal; basically the beginning of my day didn’t start the way it usually does. I kept thinking to myself, how can I write about mindfulness if I can’t even find the time to meditate? How can I spread the gospel of mindfulness if I ended up having a bit of a cry fest today?

That’s when I realized, sometimes you just have to cry. Sometimes a good crying sesh will help clear you mind, and help you get out all that tension. If done correctly, it can be almost as restorative as a short meditative session.

But, you can’t just cry. You have to realize WHY you are crying. Note what caused it. For me, it was the feeling that I was losing control. I didn’t finish an important assignment (in a class I’m not doing so well in), didn’t get any of my other work done, my morning routine became screwed up royally; things seemed to just keep going wrong.

That’s when my stress and anxiety levels rose so high, that demon of depression to rear its hideous heads. I shut down and went numb, not even being able to make myself do my work. I couldn’t even hold in my crying.

After that crying, I regained myself. I decided I couldn’t keep letting these things get to me, I couldn’t keep letting these bad days completely throw me off track. That’s where my mindfulness came in on this horrible, terrible, no-good Monday.

So, I ask, how do you lovely people deal with “off” days?

Hope you had a Mindful Monday, and Namaste Y’all,


Beauty Challenge

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As I am sure most of you have seen on your Facebook wall, is the challenge to share 5 photos where you feel truly beautiful. I was challenged today by an old friend, and while doing this, I realized how hard it truly was. Every picture I came across had something wrong with it. “I can’t bring that back to the attention of my friends! Look at my pudge!”, “My outfit looks horrendous!”, and similar thoughts ran through my head as I searched through my Facebook albums. Even the pictures I ended up choosing I believed had a few issues.

Due to the fact that I am suffering from severe clinical depression and anxiety; happiness doesn’t come very often. So, I came to the conclusion that when I am truly happy, I am truly beautiful. Therefore, these pictures of me are when I am truly happy. I am not dwelling on the abuse I suffered throughout my life, or the “impending doom” of my future. I am focusing on myself, and trying my hardest to live in the moment.

Now I have to ask, what makes you lovely people feel beautiful?

Sending happiness your way,


p.s. you should definitely check out the post I reblogged about Meghan Trainor from HyperReality about body positivity!

My best friends, Darbi and Andrea, at Halloween this year.

My best friends, Darbi and Andrea, at Halloween this year.

My Big and I at a sorority convention

My Big and I at a sorority convention

My sister and I at the Senior Formal photo booth

My sister and I at the Senior Formal photo booth

My sisters and I before our blind date formal

My sisters and I before our blind date formal

My date and I for my sorority's senior formal

My date and I for my sorority’s senior formal


Blogmopolitan Quiz

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So, I found this awesome quiz styled after the ones celebs do in Cosmo, and instantly wanted to do it! (Where I found the quiz) You should also check out her blog while you are there because it is pretty awesome! Oh, sorry if it is a bit hard to read, I wanted to hand write my answers, so I had to jump through a bit of hoops to make that work properly.

Also, if you end up doing the quiz, post a link in the comments and I will be sure to check it out.

Yours truly,


Blogmopolitan QUiz