Mindful Mondays- 08/11/14

Mindful Mondays

I completed my first 7 days of my chakra challenge!

In this time, I have done numerous sun salutations and I really did see an improvement in my anxiety. Every time that it would begin to flare up, I would just stand for a few moments in mountain pose or run through the yoga asana I posted. After a few moments, peace would return. However, I did begin to see a lot more anger in my daily life. It seemed as if, once I realized what I was trying to hide from, and once I was no longer scared, I seemed to become angry at the people and circumstances that had led me to become this fearful. I loved doing the yoga asana, and would sometimes go through it a few times a day. The meditation, on the other hand, I really struggled with. I also had a bit of difficulty doing the mantra. I am sure that with more practice, I won’t be so awkward and I will begin to reap the added benefits of the meditation, as well as the yoga.

Now I will focus my energies to balancing my Svadhisthana Chakra, or Sacral Chakra. This Chakra is located at the base of the pubic bone. It is associated with creativity, birth, emotional identity, sexual identity, desire, pleasure, and self-gratification. When this Chakra is blocked, we can feel congested or empty inside, and our creativity will suffer. The symbol of the Sacral Chakra is an orange lotus flower with six petals, while the element of the Sacral Chakra is water.

In order to balance my Sacral Chakra, I will be doing a few suggested poses to create my own unique asana. From yoga.com, I will be incorporating the triangle pose, child’s pose, and cobra pose. I will also incorporate the butterfly pose, the pigeon pose, and the garland pose. I am going to aim for posting a photo series of this sequence, or maybe even a video, in order to actually provide you guys with a visual.

The mantra for the Sacral Chakra will simply be, “VAM”.

Namaste Y’all,